Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pag-IBIG Contribution Consolidation

Pag-IBIG is way backward than the SSS. In SSS you will have no trouble if you transfer work anywhere within the Philippines (that is what I know). But with Pa-IBIG, you need to consolidate your contributions from different branches (if you happen to work with companies belonging to different Pag-IBIG branch).
I had a strange encounter with this. The HR of my latest employer was very poor on administration and low on information. At that time, I didn't bother to ask anyone or call the Pag-IBIG hotline. I just simply follow her (the HR officer) advice that I have to go to the respective branches and ask for transfer of records. I did so, but I did not follow up. In my personal opinion, I shouldn't be doing this because it's their job! I am busy because I hold a critical position, I believe after months, my records are transferred.
I tried to file for a Salary Loan. Employees has to file for their own because the HR only goes once a month to our Pag-IBIG branch to remit contributions.
To the surprise of my life, I got denied!
I have options to follow up from the branches or file another request for records transfer. In the latter's case it is the branch I belong now who will get my record from other branches. I also called the hotline, they advise that it will be better for the current branch to ask for the record than the previous branch to forward the records.
Whew! I should have gone to the hotline first than going to HR whom you'll only hear "Hindi ko alam kung pano eh." ("I don't know how.").
Records should be consolidated first before filing for a loan. The loan officer told me, even I have enough number of contributions (24 mos.) with my present employer, the reviewing officer will know that I have not consolidated my records and my loan application will also be denied.
The HR I think is not doing enough to serve us, employees. They should go to more seminars to be able to help us in the proper way. Not the "discover yourself" way.
What are they doing behind computers by the way? They should be googling more!
As for me I have to wait for 3-4 weeks to get my record consolidated and hence file my salary loan! And I will never forget to follow-up and try to be an HR officer to myself :)


  1. contributions are not yet consolidated, so it will take 3-4weeks for them to do that? OMG! then how many days is the approval of loan?

    1. good for you it takes 2 to 3 weeks, my consolidation is now on its 3rd month and counting, stupid right? best answer i heard, when i asked why it taking so long, the girl said its a system issue "may mas matagal pa syo sir!" and i told her "so kasalanan ko?" and they said "wala kaming magagawa" i stop asking about that shit, hope i can also remove that in my payroll.

  2. Tanga kasi yang mga taga PAG-IBIG. Pag-ibig na walang pagmamahal!!!! It is the job of pag-ibig to consolidate all their records, whether the member ask for it or not. dapat centralized and database nila eh. i had the same experience. these fcking morons and their agency dont deserve to be called PAG_IBIG. Useless agency. Better if they give back all my contributions and put them in a bank, or invest in stocks.

  3. Well everything's the same with all government agencies, like for BIR transfer of home RDO. It's such a pain in the ass coz in my case I have to go to Nueva Ecija just to have my form stamped and then proceed to RDO 50 for Makati area, given that they have enourmous money being collected they didn't even thought of creating a centralized database so that TAX PAYERS WOULDN'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH TOO MUCH TROUBLE going here and there, same with PAG IBIG. Now I hear the word government offices/agencies, all I can think of is a big collection of morons and pigs.

  4. I could'nt agree more! Those government agencies should be reformed...LTO, PAG-IBIG, and BIR are all packed with lazy pigs who are only waiting for bonuses! For the record, ang driver's license ko ay resibo palang kasi sira daw ang printer nila. For PAG-IBIG (which I think a misnomer), mabuti pa palitan nyo na pangalan ng agency nyo ng PAG-HIRAP kasi ang hirap lahat ng processes ninyo...ugh!

  5. Are there any other ways for us to know if they already consolidate our contributions? I tried calling them several times but they wont answer the phone..

  6. Are there any other ways for us to know if they already consolidate our contributions? I tried calling them several times but they wont answer the phone..

  7. tsk ako nga 2 months na di padin consolidated, whats taking them so long eh diba dpat available ang data ng contribution sa system nila??